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Exodus 12:31 - 13:16 - Freedom and Consecration - (Video) - (Audio Only) - Adrian Armstrong - Morning Service
Finally, Pharaoh yields to God and let’s Israel go. Israel’s freedom is secured by the power of God in fulfilment of his promise. The story of God’s power, of his faithfulness, exercised on Israel’s behalf is to be remembered by the nation in acts of worship and consecration.
John 15: 1-17 - The Church is the Vineyard of God: How can the church make an impact? - (Video) - (Audio Only) - Alex Warren - Evening Service
The Old Testament image of Israel as God’s vineyard, planted and nurtured by God to bring forth fruit (Isa 5:1-7; Ezek 19:10-14; Hos 10), was often used to speak about the failure of Israel. Jesus echoes that failure of Israel in his parable of the vineyard tenants (Matt 21:33-46; Mk 12:1-12) Jesus declares himself the true vine, on which the church depends for its life and existence and restates again the promise and purpose of God that his people should bear fruit.

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