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Romans 11:17 - 24 - God is kind and severe - (Video) - Adrian Armstrong - Morning Service
Paul is talking about boasting. Paul was seeing many Gentiles – those outside the Jewish faith – come to faith in Jesus. In our passage, Paul deals with the issue of those Gentiles who were in danger of boasting, thinking themselves more important than Jewish people who had not come to faith. But he also looks with hope to God’s great kindness and power, that more Jewish people might be saved.
Habakkuk 3:1-16- In wrath remember mercy - (Video) - Adrian Armstrong - Evening Service
Chapter 3 marks a distinct shift in the book. Gone is the structure of Habakkuk’s complaint followed by the Lord’s answer. What we get (v1) is a prayer of the prophet Habakkuk. A prayer set to music (v19), composed to be sung by God’s people. Habakkuk’s private intercession with God becomes public praise. Two great themes mark this prayer-song. These two themes reflect what God has revealed to Habakkuk. The first is Habakkuk’s acceptance of God’s judgement on his people. The second is Habakkuk’s anticipation of God’s salvation of his people.

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