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Jesus is Lord - Mark 2:23 - 3:30 - (Video) - Josh Hannah - Morning Service
This sermon considers six of the events which Mark records in chapters 2 and 3. These reveal the very different responses of ordinary people and religious leaders to the healing ministry of Jesus. We teach that familiarity with the words and actions of Jesus increases our understanding of the character of God. It is suggested that regular reading of the Gospels better prepares us to deal with situations we may face in the way that Jesus did. The sermon concludes with a challenge to ensure that we never adopt the approach of the religious leaders.
Community - (Video) - Josh Luke - Evening Service
Generous God - Generous church. We serve an outrageously generous God. How should this shape who we are as church? Receiving God's lavish generosity, we are called to respond in gratitude, worship and generosity and let it flow out to those around us. Imagine the impact we'll have as people experience God's generosity through us!

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