Under Construction - The Book of Nehemiah

"The God of heaven will give us success; therefore we his servants will arise and build"; (Neh.2:20)

The book of Nehemiah continues the story of the Jews who returned to Judah after captivity in Babylon, and takes its name from the central character, the prayerfully determined Nehemiah. This high official in the Persian court asked for the governorship of tiny Judah that he might rebuild the ruined walls of Jerusalem. He awakened the enthusiasm of the people for the project, firmly resisted opposition from without and dangers from within, and saw the holy city once again surrounded by walls.

The book has three main sections:
 Rebuilding the walls 1:1-7:73
 Reading the law and renewing the covenant 8:1-10:39
 Reforming the people. 11:1-13:31

Amidst division, danger, opposition, pride, laziness and unfaithfulness, God uses Nehemiah to reform the people so they are once again devoted to their God and his covenant. Nehemiah teaches us much about godliness, challenges us about unity, and shows us how to tackle opposition from without and dissension from within. He is a godly leader, a political master, a great role model and an enormous encouragement.

In our seven week journey into the life and times of Nehemiah we will meet the man on a mission to produce a righteous, set apart, secure people who worship their unswervingly faithful God.

Risking all for God - Nehemiah 1 - 2 - Gareth Armstrong (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, April 14, 2024
The book opens with Nehemiah living and working in a foreign land. Artaxerxes is on the throne in Persia and Nehemiah, the Jew is there in exile working as a top civil servant. Life for him could have been really comfortable, well paid, keep your nose clean and a successful future awaits. However Nehemiah hears news that shakes him to the core, news of the physical and spiritual state of Jerusalem that requires Nehemiah to risk all in response to God’s call.
Building Together for God - Nehemiah 3: 1 - 12 & 5 - Jon Gemmell (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, April 21, 2024
Work is well underway the rebuilding of walls and gates is progressing well, this is now a major community enterprise, the experience of rebuilding will bring together the fractured community in Jerusalem. However all is not well, there is exploitation of the weak and some people are growing wealthy on the back of high interest loans. Nehemiah’s response is characteristically direct yet compassionate.