Lamentations: Great is Your Faithfulness

The book of Lamentations, written some years after the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonians in 587BC, is a poetic reflection on what God taught his people through their suffering.  It is written in the form of 5 poems of lament which give voice to what God’s people felt and learned.


The book deals with the massive issue of suffering in the context of faith in an all-loving God. It will show us today how giving voice to our sufferings, lamenting before God is not a negative expression of our hearts but a positive affirmation of our trust in God, who despite all appearances to the contrary, always has the good of His people in his plans.


Lamentations 1 - Tears of Repentance - Scott Hamilton (Video) (Audio Only)
Evening Service, Sunday, May 2, 2021
The walls of Jerusalem have kept God's people safe and secure for so long. What is the soundtrack as they fall? What is the soundtrack to the exile of God's people from their homes, land and loved ones? Is there any hope, and how are we to lament today in an entirely different day and age?
Lamentations 2 - The Lord has Judged - Jim Gladstone (Video)
Evening Service, Sunday, May 9, 2021
Lamentations 2 considers the aftermath of the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem around 587bc. It addresses the question ‘why has this happened?’ and reflects on the realisation that it is God’s judgment on His people. God had warned in the Law that judgment was the inevitable result of disobedience – a warning reiterated to the people only a few years before these events. This sermon focuses on God’s just actions, noting that He is not only the God who judges, but also the God who saves. With God there is always hope and a future; He brings great good out of great pain; but we must also recognise that a greater judgment is coming and prepare for it.