Life of David

Studying the life of anyone in the Bible can be a rewarding exercise. The life can be an example to follow or one to miss. The life can be a reminder of our own brokenness or a pointer to Christ. Such is the life of David. The man after God’s own heart rose from obscurity to become Israel’s greatest king. However, the sin he allowed in his life had great consequences, effecting his family, his reign, even his confidence in God. Although we can’t cover every significant incident in David’s life, the hope is that what we will look at will deepen our understanding of grace and faith as well as point us to Christ, great David’s greater Son.

1 Samuel 16: 1-13 - The Lost and Forgotten Son - Jim Crooks (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, June 27, 2021
This new series starts off with the youngest son of Jesse in the Old Testament being initially overlooked because he was - well - the youngest. He was also needed for Jesse's sheep and not for important visitors like Samuel the prophet. But that all changes when God intervenes. God has His own way of doing things, like choosing a King. Jesse’s perspective will be exposed as reasonable but deficient. God’s reveals His own perspective because He does what only God can do! What eventually happens to David has two pictures in it for us, today: he is like Jesus, a king in waiting; and he’s like us, waiting on God the Holy Spirit to change us completely. Are you coming to find out more?
1 Samuel 17 - David's Courage - David Knowles (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, July 4, 2021
A very well known story of power confronted by weakness or so it seems. The story however shows us that power is sometimes not what it seems and weakness can be victorious. A battle that helps us think through where our strength comes from, and indeed how we engage in the battle with those who would defy the living God.
1 Samuel 20 - David's friendship with Jonathan - David Knowles (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, July 11, 2021
A close friendship built on a covenant of love and faithfulness would ensure David and Jonathon were there for each other when things went wrong. In their friendship and bond they help us to see the reality of a far greater covenant, amde by God with his people and sealed by Christ in his death for us on the cross.
1 Samuel 24 - David's temptation in the desert - Alex Warren (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, July 18, 2021
David gets an unexpected opportunity to kill his persecutor King Saul and take a short cut to the kingdom. David points us to Jesus who was tempted by the devil to avoid the cross by taking the kingdom now. We are also tempted in the same way, but Jesus calls us to take up our cross and follow him. David rejected the call to kill Saul and Jesus resisted the temptation, entrusting himself to God. Jesus willingly suffered, bringing us salvation, whilst looking to the reward ahead of him. Will we trust him as our Saviour and then follow him in the path of self-denial, looking forward to the glory ahead of us?
2 Samuel 6 - David's love for God - Alex Warren (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, July 25, 2021
David brings the long-neglected Ark of the Lord into Jerusalem. There’s much in 2 Samuel chapter 6 that isn’t immediately easy to apply to our lives today. The key is to start by recognising that the Ark is the place of God’s presence with his people in the Old Testament. This sermon shows how David bringing the ark into the city points forward to Jesus, God’s great king bringing God’s presence to his people today. It is through Jesus that sinful people can enter into relationship with a Holy God who must judge sin. We are called to godly fear, but also to great joy in knowing that God is with us.
2 Samuel 11 - David's Sin - David Knowles (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, August 1, 2021
The life of David is rightly celebrated by Christians as a great example of faith and courage, however Scripture is honest in its record of his life and includes the incidents that illustrate so clearly David was a flawed human being. The sins of adultery and murder are as bad as it gets and the consequences that follow dreadful. Yet David would come to know God's forgiveness and restoration.
2 Samuel 22 - David's Song of Deliverance - Alistair Chalmers (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, August 8, 2021
As David looks back on his life and reflects on the ups and downs, the trials and the triumphs, he cannot help but worship God. David composes a wonderful song of praise that is centred on the amazing truth that the Lord saves. That was true for David, the Lord saved and enabled him, but it doesn’t stop there. The Lord continues to save His people today and He continues to enable His people on a daily basis.