The Book of Exodus tells how God rescues his people Israel from slavery in Egypt. At the end of the book of Genesis, Jacob’s family had come to Egypt at the invitation of Joseph, one of Jacob’s sons, who had risen to prominence in Egypt. At the beginning of Exodus, we discover that the descendants of the family of Jacob have become a nation. But having arrived in Egypt as free people, the opening chapter of Exodus describes how the Israelites are enslaved by the Egyptians.


There is much in this story that resonates with current news headlines. In Exodus we find people enslaved, we read of genocide and ethnic cleansing, and a multitude of people fleeing oppression, making a dangerous journey through the sea on their way to a new, promised land.


In Exodus we read more about the God introduced in the book of Genesis, the God who creates and sustains life, and who makes humanity in his own image. We learn how this God is concerned about the suffering of his people, and how he comes to rescue them from their oppressive circumstances. Part of this revelation is that it is God, and not Pharaoh and the false gods of Egypt, that control the world. We learn too that this God opposes the evil that denying and opposing God always results in, evil that oppresses, enslaves, and that damages God’s good gift of life. 


As we read and study this incredible story may we come to know more of this amazing God and the life and salvation he offers.

Exodus 1:1 - 2:10 - Abundance, Oppression and Salvation - Christiaan Hofstra (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, August 15, 2021
Exodus is a most thrilling story. The story of God who saves people who can't save themselves. It all begins in darkness, the evil darkness of slavery and death. The people of God experience true sorrow with no immediate explanation to why God allows this. However a light shines in the darkness. God sends grace through the birth of Moses. It is Moses who despite his able leadership points us to the greater Moses. One day a baby would be born who would be the ultimate light in darkness- Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem, who gave his life on the cross. He took on the darkness of our sin, so we might live. He rescues us from the slavery of sin.
Exodus 2:11 - 3:22 - Failure, Encounter and Commission - Alex Warren (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, August 22, 2021
The opening chapters of Exodus have shown us the people of Israel in a terrible situation. They are slaves in Egypt, and face the killing of their baby boys. Their situation points to a more terrible slavery which affects the whole human race, slavery to sin. The question we all face is who can set us free from this slavery and it’s consequences? We see in this passage that Moses’ attempt to rescue the people fails, and that shows us the failure of all attempts we make to set ourselves free. Wonderfully we also see that God hears all who call out to him for salvation and has come down in the person of Jesus Christ to save all who trust in him.
Exodus 5:1 - 6:12 - Resistance, Promise and Doubt - Christiaan Hofstra (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, August 29, 2021
The life of a Christian is a life of service to God. Despite his reluctance, Moses obediently returns to Egypt as spokesperson for God. Accompanied by his brother Aaron we learn that the nature of his service is to go and speak. Likewise God calls us to go and proclaim the Gospel. The reality of Moses' service is severe opposition and serious discouragement. Even though opposition is the reality for all christians serious about serving God, knowing that God is Jehovah enables us to persevere in our obedience.
Exodus 7:14 - 11: 10 - Resistance and Destruction - David Knowles (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, September 5, 2021
10 Plagues failed to change a heart hardened by defying God. Pharaoh had no time for God and considered himself to be a man of power. God acted as the uniquely sovereign God and another step wa staken in the plan to release His people from slavery. Remarkably hidden in the story is a story of grace reminding us that God is both a God of grace and judgement.
Exodus 12: 1-30 - Death and Life - Adrian Armstrong (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, September 12, 2021
The Passover is God’s “judgement on all the gods of Egypt” (Ex 12:12). For Israel, it is a moment when live is preserved, while for the Egyptians it brings death.
Exodus 12:31 - 13:16 - Freedom and Consecration - Adrian Armstrong (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, September 19, 2021
Finally, Pharaoh yields to God and let’s Israel go. Israel’s freedom is secured by the power of God in fulfilment of his promise. The story of God’s power, of his faithfulness, exercised on Israel’s behalf is to be remembered by the nation in acts of worship and consecration.
Exodus 13:17 - 14:31 - Salvation and Deliverance - David Knowles (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, September 26, 2021
At last a freed people no longer slaves, but this is not just a great escape from slavery this is deliverance through the power of God. It also required the people to believe in faith and take that step out into the Red Sea. The story is not just history its also theology it reveals to us that God is a saving God who has made it possible for us to know deliverance from slavery to sin and into peace with Christ.