When You Pray - Pray Like This

If you are of a certain age you may well remember what we know as ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ being recited each morning before the school day began. Others will remember it being a core part of Sunday services.

Sadly the model prayer as it is given to us both in Matthew and in Luke’s Gospel is no longer a part of school life and is not often repeated by church congregations either.

Jesus knew the importance of prayer, he valued the moments with His heavenly father, he witnessed how prayer was misused and abused, and so he wanted his disciples to know the importance of a vital relationship with God in prayer.

Whether we come to this prayer knowing it by heart or only with a vague familiarity, it is how Jesus recommended his followers to pray it opens the door to a considerable wealth of advice and guidance from scripture that can enrich our prayers lives corporately and individually.

How Not To Pray - Matthew 6: 5-8 & Luke 11:1 - Adrian Armstrong (Video)
Evening Service, Sunday, May 7, 2023
There were no shortage of people who enjoyed praying, and yet Jesus makes clear how they prayed and what they prayed had no eternal value. Before considering what prayer ought to be, it is important to consider what was wrong with the examples being set.
When You Pray Begin - Our Father - Matthew 6:9a - David Knowles (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, May 14, 2023
It is a significant privilege for the Christian to be able to call the God of Creation “our Father” An expression with great significance and great intimacy that sets the soul off in the right direction.