Face to Face

This is a series to look at some of the obstacles to accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour. We have here a number of individuals who meet Jesus face to face yet reject him. One wonders, how those who most eagerly anticipated the Messiah (the religious leaders and High Priest) could end up rejecting Jesus? It’s the confusion that religion brings (being human focused, trusting men’s testimony over God’s, unable to accept Jesus divinity). Or, how can someone who spent 3 intensive years with Jesus ultimately reject him and hand him over to the enemy? It’s the power and distraction of money and the false security it gives. Or, how can a ruler, on the one hand be eager to speak with Jesus yet in the end mock him to his face? It’s a need to have control and power that can lead us to do the same. Jesus not only challenges our trust in religion, power and money, he shows us how he can be our true saviour. As we approach Easter may this series help us prepare ourselves for Easter understanding and accepting Jesus for who He really is.


Jesus and Caiaphas - Kenneth Douglas (Audio Only)
Evening Service, Sunday, February 18, 2018
Christ and Money - Athole Rennie (Audio Only)
Evening Service, Sunday, March 25, 2018