Advent Reader 2022

Waiting for the King

Welcome to the Bellevue Chapel Advent Reader 2022. We are so grateful for the many folk who have given of their time and talents to provide us with this valuable resource once more. There is great blessing in observing the period of Advent. Not simply a Sunday or two thinking about the familiar story of Christmas, but a whole month of immersing ourselves in the Biblical story, the great story that makes sense of all our stories. We enter into the universal human story of waiting for a King who can truly meet our needs. One who deals with our sin and our brokenness, and who draws us back into relationship with God: Jesus. We wait – and all of creation groans – for the King still. As we cast our eyes across all that is happening in this garden paradise that has been marred by sin – war, famine, poverty, illness, death – and as we weigh our own lives and the many things that trouble us today, our need for this Saviour, Servant King is as great as ever. Our hope, our faith, our salvation rests entirely on our belief that the King has come, that He is coming again, and that this King – and the moment of His appearing - is worth waiting for. May all of us be both challenged and encouraged in the reading of God’s word this Advent, as together we explore the truth and wonder of all that God has done for us in sending Jesus.

None of the sermons in this series are available to download yet.