Romans 1-5 - The Gospel of Jesus Christ

At the heart of the biblical story is the truth that there is something wrong with us and the world in which we live. The amazing Good News is that God knows this and has intervened through his son, Jesus Christ. In this series, we will study the first five chapters of the Apostle Paul’s great letter which explains to us the problem of sin and the consequences of that sin but also how we can get right with God and the great blessing that are found in being saved by Jesus.

Romans 1: 1-15 - Good News! - George Campbell (Video) (Audio Only)
Morning Service, Sunday, October 3, 2021
This message is an introduction to our coming studies in the book of Romans. We think about the Good News and the fact that God brings salvation. We cannot save ourselves. Good News indeed!
Romans 1: 16-17 - Building Blocks - George Campbell (Video) (Audio Only)
Morning Service, Sunday, October 10, 2021
In this message we explore the fundamental building blocks of Salvation (being saved from the consequences of our sin by the love of God through Jesus Christ), Righteousness (the standard by which we have fallen short, and the restoration we experience through Jesus Christ) and Faith (the act of turning our knowledge and acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ into submission to His sovereignty).
Romans 1:18 - 2:16 - Lift your eyes - Michael (Audio Only) Download Powerpoint
Morning Service, Sunday, October 17, 2021