Advent Morning Series

There are many thoughts and themes which Scripture weaves into the coming of the Lord Jesus to earth.  A simple common event; a birth, a baby; nothing unusual in that except everything was unusual about it.  As we revisit the familiar texts and stories of the birth of Jesus this series aims to focus our attention on some key words.  These words proclaim great truths of who Jesus is, why he came and how we must respond to Him.

Isaiah 9:1-7 - "On them has light shone" - David Knowles (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, December 5, 2021
For any nation or person for whom life has been typified by darkness and confusion, the coming of light is to be welcomed. Light and darkness stand as one of the great metaphors for the difference Jesus brings. He brings light into lives which otherwise would be in darkness.
"The child to be born will be called HOLY - the Son of God." - Alex Warren (Video)
Morning Service, Sunday, December 12, 2021
“the Child to be born will be called Holy – the son of God” Luke’s record of the visit of the angel Gabriel to Mary and the miraculous conception is told simply and factually. However he very carefully records that the child to be born will be different from every other child, this child will be Holy. In a world then as now tarnished with sin and its effects, the truth of the coming of a Holy God is good news.