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Isaiah 40 - God is Infinite and Eternal - (Video) - (Audio Only) - Alex Warren - Morning Service
Why should we take time to study what God is like? There are lots of good answers to that question, not least that it will help us to worship him better. Isaiah chapter 40 gives us a really important answer to that question though. It is written to God's people Judah as they were about to be carried away into Babylon, into exile from their homeland. They were tempted to think that God had abandoned them, that either he was unable to save them or unwilling to do so. In this chapter God tells his people that he is going to forgive them and restore them. What evidence does he give for this? He says "Behold your God!" - "Look at me!" When we struggle with doubts and uncertainties about God, we need to look at God too. We need to see what he is like. He is infinite! We need an infinite God. Since he is eternal (infinite when it comes to time), he is able to save us and keep us for all eternity, not only in this life but in the next. Since he is infinite in his character - we know that his love has no limits, and that if we trust in Jesus, we will know that he truly desires to save us and keep us. As we understand God better, we will find ourselves better able to trust him.

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