Matthew's Gospel: The King and His Kingdom (Part 3)

As a church, we have taken our time to cover Matthew’s experience as a disciple of the Lord Jesus. This final section starts and finishes on a mountain top. On both occasions those present are both challenged and blessed. The transfiguration of Jesus was clearly a terrifying experience (Matthew 17:6), but it was an experience that would live with them forever.  On the last mountain top, his disciples are commissioned to make disciples in and of all nations.


However, Christian discipleship is not all mountain tops, and Matthew takes us through the valley between, hiding nothing.  We are told again of demons, the reality of broken relationships, failed marriages, and selfishness.  Before Matthew recounts the betrayal, death and resurrection of the King, he recounts all the King told us of the Kingdom and its coming.


May we too, like the first disciples, be blessed as well as challenged on the mountain tops. May we also be helped and encouraged through the very real difficulties to be found on the valley floor in order to live for Jesus today.                           

Matthew 17: 1-13 - The Transfiguration - David Knowles
Morning Service, Sunday, January 3, 2021
What a moment to treasure for the three disciples Peter James and John, given the unique privilege of seeing Jesus in his heavenly glory. The moment they wished could have lasted longer but it was fleeting but would influence their apostolic message and ministry and through them we too have the blessing of knowing that Jesus was human but also divine.
Matthew 17: 14-20 - Faith of a Mustard Seed - Christiaan Hofstra
Morning Service, Sunday, January 10, 2021
From the wonderful mountain top of the transfiguration, Matthew 17:14-20 takes us back down to the valley below where Jesus is confronted with sickness, unbelief, and his own disciples ineffective faith. Away from the crowd, Jesus privately explains how faith, at least as a mustard seed, is powerful and effective. "Nothing will be impossible for you." Such faith is possible when we remember that while we may live in the valley, Jesus is still King! For after His death and resurrection He permanently ascended a mountain to be at the right hand of the Father till He returns to take us home. 
Matthew 18: 21-35 - Forgiveness - Adrian Armstrong
Morning Service, Sunday, January 17, 2021