Life of Samuel

Biographies are great. A glimpse in the life of others can inspire us or fill us with pity for the hard life they endured. ‘The life of Samuel’ will likewise teach us things about the man himself. However, from his miraculous beginning this last judge as well as prophet of God will point beyond himself. Samuel served God in a difficult and rebellious time. God’s people demanded a king thought he Lord their God was their king. Their hope would turn into disappointment. As such, these events point us to the ultimate king who was still to come, Jesus Christ, our prophet, priest and King. Is this God our King?

The Birth of Samuel - Jim Crooks
Morning Service, Sunday, June 28, 2020
Four perspectives on conception 1. A loving husband who is faithful in the worship of God but has succumbed to the cultural practice of polygamy is blessed with a surprise. 2. A dutiful and patient wife, who knows God is sovereign, silently prays in the place of worship and has her spirits lifted and her prayer answered. 3. A resting priest comes to a wrong conclusion but recovers. 4. A sovereign God hears and hatches a grand plan. In the last judge of Israel (1 Samuel 7:15) we have one who was born as a result of prayer on the part of his mother and was given a dutiful example of worship by his father. The priest in charge of the tabernacle located in Shiloh could get things wronged he is to be the boy’s tutor but wasn’t very good at discernment. The brief narrative forms the very beginning of a transition for the nation of Israel whom God has loved and has protected. The story has greatest significance when viewed from His perspective.