Leviticus: Holy Living

Welcome to the beginning of your journey through Leviticus! It might seem a daunting read with endless criteria for sacrifices and holy living. We do pray that, through this series, you would learn more and more about the character of God and His desire to have a relationship with you. We pray that you would reflect on how these chapters can be applied to your own walk with God, so that your worship to Him would be transformed. We hope that behind the detail and criteria of the sacrifices and laws you find a God who is making a path from His throne to His people in a way that is ultimately preparing a way for the Cross. Furthermore we hope you recognise that from the outset the criteria for these offerings is designed so that everyone, whether poor or rich, whether they are bringing their offering from the ‘herd or the flock’, the cattle, the goats or the birds, can bring a ‘pleasing aroma to the Lord’, so long as they bring the very best of what they have. The Israelites have thus far experienced a fantastic journey with God; their deliverance from Egypt, and the building of the tabernacle. God is now imprinting on their hearts His expectation for their whole hearted devotion. The challenge that comes from these verses should be more spiritual than intellectual. How ready are we to give the best that we have in every part, completely sacrificially and whole heartedly to serve the God who delivered us from slavery to sin, through His son. Through this book, we should be confronted by both the lion and the lamb; challenged to our core to live even more fully for Jesus every day, and embraced by grace through the living holy sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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