Jesus the King and His Kingdom (Part 2)

In their book ‘How to read the Bible book by book’ Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart rightly say that it is fitting for Matthew to come first in the New Testament. “First, from the opening sentence it has deliberate and direct ties to the Old Testament; second, because of its orderly arrangement of Jesus teaching, it was the most often used Gospel in the early church.” This teaching and narrative focusses in on the identity of Jesus as the expected Messianic King. Jesus inaugurates the time of God’s kingly rule. Matthew records for us the proclamation of and life in the kingdom as well as the power and mission of the kingdom of heaven.

Our hope is that our continued study of Matthew’s Gospel (chapters 8-16) will help deepen our understanding and worship of Jesus. May Matthew’s testimony make us want to submit to and live under God’s kingly rule and so enjoy the blessing of life in His Kingdom.

Faith of the Centurion - David Knowles
Morning Service, Sunday, January 5, 2020
first minute not recorded due to technical issues
The cost of following Jesus - Christiaan Hofstra
Morning Service, Sunday, January 12, 2020
Faith in the Storm - Adrian Armstrong
Morning Service, Sunday, January 19, 2020