A Word from our Senior Pastor

My hope is that you will agree that there is nothing more exciting than taking time to study the life of Jesus. Whether it’s for the first time or you are quite familiar with it all, Luke challenges us to see it afresh. He longs for us to move from being amazed and astounded to choosing to become a disciple of Jesus. We mustn’t miss some of Luke’s unique emphases, like the presence of God’s Holy Spirit! Describing Jesus as being filled with, led by and empowered through God’s Spirit was a stark reminder that those same words ought to describe all of Jesus’ followers. I can’t help but think what that would look like: convinced Christians (Luke 1:4), Spirit-filled Christians (Luke 4:1, 14) plus ‘decreasing’ Christians so Christ can increase (John 3:30). It’s certainly what Luke would want to become a reality. It’s how we live for Jesus today! By the way, all three descriptions are closely connected. For Christ to increase in us we must allow God’s Spirit to fill us and give Him access to all areas, not just the ‘good room.’ Yet for us to have courage to do so, we must allow Luke to help us in our confidence in Christ. May I lastly draw your attention to the opportunity to be baptised?! 22nd March in the morning service we are hoping to celebrate people’s salvation in Christ Jesus. To help people understand what it means to be baptised, we will have a bible study on the subject on the 1st of March at the evening service. If you are interested or have questions, come and speak to me or any of the elders. Praying for God’s grace in each of our lives, Christiaan