CAP at Bellevue Chapel

What is CAP?

CAP, or Christians Against Poverty, is a UK-based charity that operates world-wide with a mission to help people manage their finances and lift people out of debt and poverty with a range of services and education. One such service is their award-winning CAP Money course.

You can read more about CAP UK by following the link:

What is CAP Money?

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CAP Money is a flexible money management course delivered for free through local churches. The course is designed to give people budgeting and planning skills that will give delegates back control of their finances. The course is practical and can be applied to all kinds of people and life stages. You may not even be in financial distress, but want to learn new budgeting and financial planning skills. The course is for everyone!

The course uses a combination of video presentations, course workbooks, quizzes, online and offline budgeting tools and small group discussions. We find running the course over three evenings over three weeks works best for our delegates. Did we mention it was all free?

The Bellevue Chapel CAP Money team, trained by CAP themselves, have delivered the course to our community since 2011 and worked with over 50 delegates – professionals, new couples, retired people, self-employed persons and more.

Great! Where do I sign up?

All CAP Money courses are posted centrally on the CAP UK website:

You will be asked for your location and available locations will be shown to you. If Bellevue Chapel isn’t offering a course at a time that suits, the website will show all other nearby courses that are open or coming soon.

I have some questions. Who can I ask?

Please feel free to contact us or leave a message at the church (0131 557 9689). There may be an answering service on the phone number. Email is preferred if you can.

The CAP Money team at Bellevue Chapel.