Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th October - Leviticus 24

10th October 2015

This chapter is concerned with a lamp that should continually burn, bread that should be continually replenished and the name of the Lord that should be revered and honoured.  We move from annual festivities, to daily and weekly routines, reminding us that our service to Him should not be calendar based but ingrained into our daily lives.  These acts of service would have reminded the Israelites that God’s light shines in a dark world, that He provides for the hungry, and that He is always with them.  In John’s gospel (8:12, 6:35) Jesus claims that He is the ‘light of the world’ and the ‘bread of life’.  Part of the challenge of ‘holy living’ is to let His light shine before others, and to proclaim the ‘bread of life’ that He offers.  The words of Jesus “You give them something to eat” (Matthew 14:16) should resonate in our hearts as we come into contact daily with those who desperately need to be nourished by the grace and truth offered in Christ.   Lastly, our routines and our calendar may barely resemble what we read in Leviticus, but our God remains sacred.  However we commemorate the sacrifice He made, may He always be at the centre of our lives and our service, in a way that brings honour and glory to His holy name.