18th October 2015

In this chapter we learn what characterises those who walk near with God, what characterises those who do not, but most importantly the mercy that characterises God.  With destinies of two very different paths laid out so clearly in this passage, the only logical choice seems to be to walk as closely with God as possible.  Only then will people be content with all God has provided, and be free from worry as they experience His protection and witness His victory over the enemy.  The absence of such assurance is too much to bear.  To lack God’s protection and His peace; to experience constant defeat in health, family and work; to be alienated from the community we were created to be a part of: this is to know separation from God.  We have all known it at some point in our lives.  However we also know that mercy triumphs over judgement, and that through Christ we are now characterised as a people who know the nearness of God by grace.  For it was always His desire to dwell among us, by pouring the judgement that we should bear on Christ at the cross.  Give thanks to God for all the blessings we know in our lives because of what Christ did.