Leviticus 25: Trust, Obey and Prosper

17th October 2015

Instructions for holy living in this passage involve the livelihood of God’s people.  God was making His way into every corner of their lives, imploring them to learn to trust Him.  If they would just trust Him and obey Him they would learn what it means to truly prosper.  There was no risk involved.  He would provide.  While He done so His creation would recover naturally from years of toil, the poor and destitute would be provided for abundantly, and His people would be blessed with a time of rest and restoration.  In the year of Jubilee they would be reminded that nothing was truly theirs, but simply in their possession by the grace of a holy God.  In obedience to all His instructions economic exploitation would be prevented, and debilitating dehumanising debt would be removed.  In obedience mercy would triumph over what people ‘deserved’ or had ‘worked for’.  If trusting and obedient hope would be kept alive in times of despair as the Israelite people looked forward to the year of Jubilee that was bound to come around at least once in their life time.  There is an abundance of challenges here.  Does our holy living embrace our economic decisions and not just our church activities?  Do we rely too much on human effort rather than rest and trust God? Do we allow mercy to triumph over what we believe people owe us?  Is our lack of reliance on God leading to an obsession with ‘things’?  Is our hope being kept alive as we look forward and upward to Christ? These may seem like hard decisions, but pray that God would convict you to knowing that it is only by this kind of trust and obedience that we will truly prosper.