Leviticus 20

5th October 2015

A fuller understanding of this passage should convey a tone of an overwhelmingly concerned father, watching His children about to enter a perilous, dangerous territory; a territory where people worshipped false gods and even sacrificed their children to them; a land where people turned to every form of idolatry rather than worship the true and living God.  Even though He had given His distinct holy people every kind of instruction to set them apart, He understood their frailty and their weakness, and to protect them He makes them fully aware of the consequences of failing to follow His decrees.  We, like the Israelites are set apart as God’s holy people.  The land we live in is full of every kind of idolatry, and we are called to be different.   Pray that God would protect you from the traps and pitfalls of this world, that would make us forget that there is only one true and living God, and that we will only truly prosper if we know and serve him.