How wisdom works

Recording Date: 
Sunday, October 4, 2020
Speaker Name: 
Alex Warren
Morning Service
Ecclesiastes 7:14-8:1; 9:11-18
In this passage the preacher is continuing to teach us what true wisdom is all about. The context is the difficult question of why good people suffer and bad people seem to prosper. He shows us that Godly wisdom doesn’t involve getting an insight into God’s secret purposes. It doesn’t mean knowing the key to ensuring that God gives us a long and trouble free life. Instead wisdom means fearing God so that we trust him with the things we don’t understand. It means living God’s way, trusting in Jesus who is the revelation of God’s greatest wisdom. If we live God’s way, then we will shine with God’s wisdom in the world and will be a blessing to many. However, godly wisdom is rare and often rejected in the world around us and so we look to Jesus for reward, and not for the approval of others.