Ecclesiastes 2: Life is for Living Right?

Recording Date: 
Sunday, August 23, 2020
Speaker Name: 
Christiaan Hofstra
Morning Service
Ecclesiastes 2: 1-26
In Eccl.2, Qohelet, the teacher seems to test his conclusions of chapter 1 that life is a mere breath. To find out what is worthwhile for men to do during the few days of their lives he sets himself 3 life projects: wisdom, pleasure, and achievements through hard work. He seems to succeed (v.9-10) yet his conclusions are the same (v.11). There is no ultimate gain to be had. Why? Because of the reality of death (v.14-15) which strips us of everything we hold dear. Through the reality of death God says: If I'm not your security you've got no security. Yet because Christ defeated death (Hebr.2:14-15) we do not have to live in fear of it. Instead, to see life and every part of it including pleasure, wisdom and work from God's perspective we must learn to: live life backward; enjoy life as a gift from God; and live to please God the way Christ lived to please His Father.