Ecclesiastes 12: 1-14 - Remember, Remember

Recording Date: 
Sunday, November 1, 2020
Speaker Name: 
Christiaan Hofstra
Morning Service
Ecclesiastes 12: 1-14
In this last chapter of Ecclesiastes we hear the author commend the teacher and his wisdom to us (v.9-10). It's an invitation to listen carefully to his message and even more so to the wisdom of the ultimate teacher the Lord Jesus Christ. The teacher's final words are for us to remember our creator in the days of our youth. Such remembering is crucially important , not only as we all face the reality of aging and decline but because we live in the last days. Our intent listening and active remembering is to produce in us a true fear of God and a longing to obey his commandments. This is how we will find joy in the randomness of life and will be able to face our final judgement.